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Strategic, data-driven automotive direct mail
Strategic, data-driven
automotive direct mail

Automotive Direct Mail

Since 2002, JMG has delivered best-in-class, data-driven, competitively priced direct mail campaigns for hundreds of auto dealers nationwide. We combine sophisticated data mining and analytics, customized messaging, and tracking to deliver significant results for our clients.

Types of Mailers

Loyalty Mailers
Customers tend to be brand loyal but not necessarily dealership loyal. Whether they are looking to upgrade, sell, or service their vehicles, you need to be in front of them. With our loyalty mailer campaigns, we send out personalized, customer-specific messages throughout the year so your customers become repeat customers.
Off-Lease Mailers
People with less than 6 months left on their lease are in the market for a vehicle now. These are prime prospects for your dealership. Because we know their monthly payments and payments left, we can personalize our off-lease mailers to drive traffic to your dealership for these in-market customers.
Special Finance / High APR / Discharge Bankruptcy Mailers
One of the most effective ways to move used vehicles is targeting people who may not qualify for a new vehicle. At JMG, we can pull data based on credit range, APR, percentage paid on auto loans, or recently discharged bankruptcies. These mailers allow you to reach out to highly profitable customers and increase your used car sales.
Black Book / KBB / Galves Mailers
Informing people about the value of their vehicles is an effective way to validate your offers. We append book values to customer data so we can send them very personalized mailers. Whether you want them to trade in their vehicles for newer models or just buy their vehicles outright to increase your pre-owned inventory, this gives your customers a baseline of what their vehicles are worth and motivates them to trade or sell to you.
Saturation Mailers
Sometimes it makes sense to target a mass audience. Saturation mailers target every person in a certain zip code. These cost-effective mailers include dramatic savings in postage and list cost and work best when targeting underperforming zip codes or during special sales events.
Service Mailers
You want your customers to visit your dealership often. Our service mailers target both loyal and non-retention customers with coupons ranging from oil changes to expired warranties to any coupons you prefer. By enticing your customers to service with you, they will be more likely to buy from you.
Adding PURLs (personalized URLs) to our mailers can boost lead-generation. We create personalized, highly trackable landing pages where your prospects can enter their contact and vehicle information online which is instantly sent to your CRM. PURLs can be added to any of our mailers.
Related Services
To enhance any of our direct mail campaigns, we can provide email and phone appends to any list, as well as sending out corresponding ringless voicemails.